There will not be a Copa Paulino Alcantara this year, according to Mariano Araneta, the President of the Philippines Football Federation (PFF).

With the Philippines Football League (PFL) about to be restarted next month, Araneta said that the shortened league season in 2020 meant that the cup competition will not be able to be held.

The PFF are waiting for the final approvals from both the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) and also the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the top-flight league to be restarted.

“We will push through with the PFL if they will allow it, but with the shortened tournament, I don’t think we can have the Copa Alcantara,” Araneta said.

The Copa Paulino Alcantara, which is the national Cup, was first held in 2018.

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