The Terabai has been chosen to form the core of the new logo of Sarawak United FC.

Terabai is a symbol of heroism of the Iban community in Borneo and where it is now a heritage property of the Dayak community.

“The use of ‘Terabai’ in this logo is the result of the work of Sarawak United FC management that unanimously wants the club to come up with a new image to replace the old logo. This new logo will be used starting this season,” as stated in a Sarawak United statement.

The new logo has been registered as intellectual property of Sarawak United FC under the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

The new Terabai logo still maintained the three main colours of the Sarawak state flag – red, black and yellow – with the state bird ‘Kenyalang’ obvious in a central position.

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