Hockey Sultan of Johor Cup 2016

As far as Johor Hockey Association President Datuk Md Jais Sarday is concerned the reaction by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation can be considered as childish,

In stating that MHC was not addressing the issue but trying to divert attention, Jais said he was finding it amusing that MHC now comes out with regulations that were never made known prior to this.

” For instance the contribution by TNB, we received an email on Tuesday that JHA must submit a media report in order to be eligible to receive the sponsorship,” said Jais.

” But TNB in their letter to me in March this year never stated any such condition and even approved sponsorship until 2019.

” The letter clearly states that MHC are to channel the money to JHA.

” We have provided TNB with its desired deliverables and TNB never raised any issue with JHA.”

Jais added that all matches were telecast live and it was public knowledge as all could tune in to watch the matches.

” With all matches live, on television and on live streaming, I am sure TNB will appreciate our efforts to promote the tournament,” added Jais.

” We will prepare and submit the report to TNB as we do with other sponsors, it has always been done as we value our sponsors.”

Jais said that the issue was in relation to giving respect to a tournament named after the Sultan of Johor.

” One has to bear in mind that we need to respect HRH Sultan Ibrahim as the trophy is named after him and His Majesty graced the final as well,” said Jais.

” That alone should be a clear indication just how important it was that the national body be well represented rather then avoid being present.

” Instead of making things easier for affiliates or assisting them, it seems that MHC opts to make life difficult and sets all kind of rules as an after thought.”

Jais reminded MHC to study again the birth of the Sultan of Johor Cup and the importance of it rather then trying to divert attention to non existing issues.

” Our conscience is clear, be it on sponsorship, running of the tournament as well as the broadcast issue which is being left out of their clarifications.”

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