The IFAB approved several changes to and clarifications of the Laws of the Game relating to players in relation to permanent concussion substitutes, player equipment, fouls and misconduct, and penalty kicks during its 138th Annual General Meeting (AGM), hosted by the Scottish Football Association at Loch Lomond, Scotland.

Trials confirmed
Detailed protocols for three trials in domestic competitions below the top two tiers aimed at improving participant behaviour were approved, namely:

• Only a team’s captain being able to approach the referee in certain situations.
• The introduction of cooling-off periods to allow the referee to require teams to go to their own penalty area.
• Increasing the time limit for the goalkeepers holding the ball to eight seconds, otherwise possession will revert to the opposing team.

The current guidelines to temporary dismissals in youth and grassroots football were improved. Any potential wider application will only be considered once the impact of these changes have been reviewed.

The IFAB decided to extend FIFA’s trial where the referee publicly announces the final decisions and the reasoning after a video assistant referee (VAR) review or lengthy VAR check to other competitions. Participating competitions will require permission from The IFAB and will have to commit to following FIFA’s refereeing and technology guidelines. –




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