With the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 just months away, Brunei Darussalam have stepped up their preparations where this week, they are already into their third training camp.

With Brunei being one of the countries least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, they had already organised two previous camps in September and October.

And this week, 30 players attended camp under interim head coach Ameer Aziz-Hakim Abdul Lani, assisted by Aminuddin Jumat, Mohd Wardi Masni and Atsushi Hanita.

“Previously, we had issues with the team simply because of the lack of preparation. But this time around, we have taken a different approach to give the squad more preparation time,” said Pengiran Matusin Pengiran Matasan, the President of the National FA of Brunei Darussalam.

“We hope that with more time, the players will be able to perform better.”

Added Ameer: “We are preparing the players for the incoming head coach. By the end of the FIFA window, we expect the players to improve their attacking qualities but most importantly the transition from defence to attack.”



GOALKEEPERS: Wardun Yussof, Haimie anak Nyaring, Azriel Arman, Awangku Ashraf Pengiran Haledi

DEFENDERS: Muhamamd Wafi Aminuddin, Sairol Sahari, Muhammad Afi Aminuddin, Awangku Yura Indera Putera Pengiran Yunos, Abdul Aziz bin Tamit, Helmi Zambin, Abdul Mu’iz Sisa, Suhaimi anak Sulau, Muhammad Hanif Farhan Azman, Md Khairil Shahme Suhaimi.

MIDFIELDERS: Hendra Azam Mohd Idris, Mohammad Nurikhwan Othman, Azwan Salleh, Muhammad Azwan Ali Rahman, Shahrazen Said, Amin Sisa, Md Nur Ikhmal Damit, Asri Aspar, Naziruddin Ismail, Mohd Najib Tarif, Muhammad Nur Asyraffahmi Norsamri.

STRIKERS: Adi Said, Razimie Ramlli, Abdul Azizi Ali Rahman, Mohd Hanif Aiman Adanan, Hakeme Yazid Said.




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