The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is set to be utilised for several upcoming matches of the 2023 Night Wolf V.League 1.

This follows the approval that league organsiers Vietnam Professional Football (VPF) have received from FIFA, to use the VAR technology at matches in accordance with FIFA’s VAR Arbitration standards.

The plan is to use the VAR in around three to five matches – those that are not competitive for championship rankings or promotion or relegation will be selected for deployment.

The steps to apply VAR technology in Vietnam are closely followed by FIFA and where they will monitor the entire operation process continuously within the next 3 years.

During this time, everything from the operation, the VAR Referee on duty and the VAR vehicle technical system must be sent data to FIFA. Any errors, if any, during this 3-year monitoring, could bring the implementation of VAR for matches to a halt.

VAR is a form of application of advanced technology in assisting referees through video.

VAR technology is used in football to help referees make the most accurate decisions through recorded videos.

VAR is only used in the event of an “obvious error” or “major missed situation” involving:

Goal/no goal

Penalty/no penalty

Direct red card (not 2nd yellow/second warning)

Misidentification of the offending player (in the event of a warning/yellow card or disqualification)





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