Victoria University College FC will be looking to sign up Brazilian Diogo Henrique Terozeni so as to add further firepower to their campaign for the AFC Futsal Club Championship 2019 slated for 7-17 August in Thailand.

Terozeni has agreed to the transfer from his current club Dalian Yuan Dynasty FC in the China Super League.

“We have planned to hire a foreign player for the first time because we want to compete with a great performance and try to improve our ranking in the AFC championship,’’ said VUC head Naing Thaung Htike.

“We met with Diogo during the AFC Futsal Club Championship in 2018. He showed a great performance and created a chance to beat us in the match. We know very well about his talent. So, we’ve decided to take him on loan for the tournament.”

VUC will be looking to improve their fortunes at the AFC Futsal Championship 2019 after making their debut in 2018 where they failed to win a single match.

For Bangkok 2019, VUC have been placed in Group C against Lebanon’s Bank of Beirut, who finished third last year, Indonesia’s Vamos FC and debutants Soro Company of Tajikistan.

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