The Wanda Diamond League today suspends a further two meetings in June as it continues to adapt the 2020 season calendar in the face of the coronavirus crisis, while Oslo’s Bislett Games are to be staged in an alternative format.

In recent weeks, the Wanda Diamond League has been forced to suspend a number of its early-season meetings as a result of health and logistical concerns brought about by the global coronavirus crisis. 

Today, we are sad to announce the postponement of further meetings in Eugene (scheduled for 7th June) and Paris (13th June). 

The Bislett Alliance today announced plans to host an alternative athletics competition under Norwegian coronavirus regulations on June 11th, the original date of this year’s Oslo Diamond League meeting. 

As with previous suspensions, this decision was reached in close consultation with all relevant parties and based on concerns over athlete safety as well as widespread travel restrictions which make it impossible to stage the competitions as planned. 

New dates for suspended Wanda Diamond League events will be announced in cooperation with the World Athletics Global Calendar Unit  as soon as the extraordinary global situation makes a reliable plan possible. 

The meeting organisers, the Wanda Diamond League and World Athletics remain committed to ensuring that athletes can compete in a structured season and that fans can once again enjoy athletics as soon as the global health situation allows. 

The interests of athletes and fans are our foremost considerations, as we continue to work intensively with all stakeholders (athletes, managers, broadcasters, sponsors, local authorities and federations) to develop a new calendar for a 2020 Wanda Diamond League season.

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