Zaw Zaw the President of the Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) has contributed a total of USD 1 million to Myanmar’s fight against COVID-19.

With the COVID-19 pandemic playing havoc throughout the world, the situation is also the same with Myanmar where it has recorded a total of 119 infected cases so far.

And Zaw Zaw, who is also the Chairman of the Ayeyarwady Foundation, had already contributed USD 1 million to assist the affected areas in the country.

The Ayeyarwady Foundation had initially contributed MMK 1,000 lakhs (USD 69,000) worth of medical aids including medical supplies, hospital equipment and preventive materials to Waibargi Hospital and Yankin Children Hospital.

The Ayeyarwady Foundation then worked closely with the Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports, in providing supporting centres of quarantine, foods of daily meals for all of who have been quarantined.

He also provided assistance to frontliners, health workers, and volunteers by arranging accommodation for all those involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The Ayeyarwady Foundation covered health insurance for all health workers in Myanmar, rice aids to all people in need around the country among others.

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