Malaysian football, in fact, world football suffered a great loss last night following the passing of Dato’ Sri Paul Mony Samuel following his long battle with Parkinson.

He left behind wife, Datin Sri Kristen Paul and son Andrew. 

The wake will be held tonight at 8pm at Dato’ Sri Pau’s residence at No.4, Jalan SS 3/94, Petaling Jaya.

Funeral service will be held tomorrow at 11am after which his remains will be taken to the Subang Lutheran Garden.




S.S.A.P., D.S.A.P., D.S.D.K., D.I.M.P., S.A.P., A.D.K., B.K.M.,


05.08.1945 : Born in Kedah.

1967-1979 : Teacher

1980-1985 : Lecturer in a Teachers Training College

Education : B. ED. (TESL)

In the early 60s, he represented a premier league club in Kedah and subsequently in the 70s, coached the premier league team for seven years.

He holds an Advanced Coaching Certificate from FA Malaysia, International Coaching Certificate from United Kingdom and the FIFA/AFC Coaching Diploma.

In the early 80s, he was appointed the Assistant Secretary for technical matters in FA Malaysia and subsequently appointed as General Secretary, a post which he has held since 1985.

Dato’ Sri Paul Mony Samuel was also one of the reviving members of the Asean Football Federation in 1995 and was elected as the Honorary Secretary of the Federation, a post which he holds since then.

A member of the Technical Committee of the Asian Football Confederation since 1982 but from 1986-2002, was appointed a member of the AFC Competitions Committee.

As a member of the AFC Competitions Committee, he was involved in the organization of competitions such as the Dynasty Cup, the Asian Cup and the Confederations Cup.

Dato’ Sri Paul Mony Samuel was also a member of the Panel of Instructors of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in the field of organization and administration over the last seven years and has conducted administration courses for FIFA in more than 25 countries in Asia.

He also participated in a Technical Study Group appointed by FIFA in China PR (1991) and Iran (1995) and India (2002).

He was also involved directly in three World Cups, i.e. USA ’94, France’98 and Korea Japan 2002 and in the year 1999, in the World Youth Championship, Nigeria in April; Women’s World Cup, USA in June and World Junior Championship, New Zealand in November 2000, Olympic Football Tournament in Sydney, Australia and the Confederations Cup in 2001 in Korea and in Germany 2005.

From 1998-2000, he was appointed as a member of the FIFA Organizing Committee for Olympic Football Tournament.

Dato’ Paul Mony Samuel was appointed by FIFA as the Development Officer for the FIFA Goal Development Office in Kuala Lumpur since September 2000.

Since his appointment as FIFA Development Officer for the Goal Project, he has been put in charge of 26 countries in Asia, out of which 22 have received the FIFA Goal Project whist 6 countries received the 2nd Goal Project as well.

With effect from 01 July 2005, Dato’ Sri Paul Mony Samuel was appointed as the Deputy General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation.

He held the post as the General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation from 1st January 2007 and resigned on 27 February 2009 on medical ground.

However, he still performed his duties as the full time Honorary Secretary of AFF from 2009 and became the General Secretary of the Asean Football Federation from 2010 until he retired in 2013.

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