Perak’s father and son teams’ qualified for the quarterfinals of the Chief Minister’s Challenge trophy triples lawn bowls competition at the Perak Lawn Bowls yesterday afternoon in contrasting fashion.

While Ahmad Zikry Sazeli’s Perak Sukma A team disposed of their round 16 opponent Derma’s A easily 19-6, his father’s (Sazeli Sani) team – Perak A – had to fight tooth and nail against Bowls Lembah Klang A (BLK), to win in sudden death by a shot after the team tied 12-12 at the end of 15 ends.

Perak who had Sazeli, a former national player together with Ramble Dallan Rice Oxley and Aminun Haq Tahrir Adil, were heading 11-7, but allowed BLK to catch up and take the lead at 12-11, only to pull level at the 15 end 12-12.

“It was a close call and we had to dig deep into our reserves,” said Sazeli.

“We could have made it easy on us, but allowed our opponents to get back into the game and we had to give our all for this victory by the skin of our teeth.”

Zikry on the other hand, with his teammates Mohamad Aqil Syahmi Mohamed Azian and Nor Izzati Mohmad Ibrahim, took no chances and were totally forecast to secure their win over Derma’s from Perlis.

Zikry, 18-year-old, attracted attention on the greens as he has just upset many national players to win in the National Champions of Champion championship in Terengganu recently, to earn the right to represent Malaysia in the World Champions of Champions championship in Adelaide at the end of October.

Zikry’s Perak Sukma A team will meet Selangor A in the quarterfinals tomorrow morning which is certainly going to be a tougher tie, while his father’s team Perak A, will meet Derma’s B.

Perak who had fielded seven teams in the competition – three senior and four Sukma teams – saw four make the round 16 and two to the quarterfinals.

PDRM too has two teams qualified for the quarterfinals, while the remaining two who have made the cut for the last eight in the Cup category are KL Tigers and Singapore Ace.

The champion team will take home RM10,000, the losing finalist RM7,000, the third placed RM5,000 and fourth placed RM2,000.

Teams who placed among the 9th to 16 took home RM500.

The champion of the Plate and Spoon category each will win RM500.

A total of RM32,000 is offered in this championship.

Qualifiers to Cup quarterfinals after round 16 knockout stage:



1. Perak A (Sazeli Sani, Ramble Dallan Rice Oxley, Aminun Haq Fahrir Adli)


Bowls Lembah Klang (Salahuddin Razali, Fairul Iqwal Abd Muin,, Soh Hock Liang)

12-12 (won sudden death one shot

2. Derma’s B (Muhamamad Ikmal M Rosli, Daeng Dhadyry Dahasry, Abdul Hakim Afif Abdul Rahman)


Selangor B (Shaiful Nazrie Samdin, Mohamad Meskam, Zulhilimie Redzuan) KL Tigers (Mohammad Hafiz Mohd Isa, Putera Hafizuddin Budiman, Muhammad Idham Amin Ramlee)


3. KL Tigers (Muhammad Arsyadqan Mohamed Iqbal, Mohd Yusof Haron, Mohamed Iqbal Maricair Yusoffsa)


The Jang A (Ahmad Kamal Ikhwan Mohd Ariffin, Sharizal Zabir, Zrif Azreen Zulkarnain)


4. Perak C (Safuan Said, Adil Faidhi Sazeli, Nurbaiyah Lokman Anuar)


PDRM A (Robiah Ahmad, Zulaika Hassan, Mohd Saufi Rosli)


5. Selangor A (Azim Azami Mohd Ariffin, Muhammad Haiqal Azami, Muhamad Azwan Suhaimi)


Labuan B (Nurul Husna Suraiya Yunus, Mohd Aimil Ismail, Muhammad Huzaimi Junaidi)


6. Derma’s A (Mohammad Hafiz Mohd Isa, Putera Hafizuddin Budiman, Muhammad Idham Amin Ramlee)


Perak Sukma A (Ahmad Zikry Sazeli, Mohamad Aqil Syahmi Mohamed Azian, Nor Izzati Mohd Ibrahim)


7. Bowls Lembah Klang C (Fairul Izwan Abd Muin, Mazli Musa, Mohd Erwan Mohd Lizan)


Singapore Ace (Leng Li Li, Bah Chui Mei, Has;ah Hassan, Nurul Aylani Jamil)


8. PDRM C (Ahmad Faisal Walid, Jailani Jamil, Hizlee Abdul Rais)


Perak B (Shahnizan Zaidi Yahaya, Muhammad Fitri Hashim, Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple)



1. Perak A v Derma’s B

2. KL Tigers v PDRM A

3. Selangor A v Perak Sukma A

4. Singapore Ace v PDRM C

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