FIFA President Gianni Infantino has given the thumbs up to the Football Federation of Cambodia (FFC) programmes and academies.

Infantino made a visit to Cambodia this week, following his stopover in Vietnam.

“The FFC are doing very well in their development of youth academies across the country in 25 provinces and cities,” said Infantino, after the FIFA Executive Football Summit in Phnom Penh that was attended by the presidents of member associations from three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

According to Maj.Gen. Khiev Sameth, the vice president of the FFC and who is also the deputy President of the AFF, international body FIFA had increased their support budget from USD 250,000 initially to the current USD 1,250,000 per year to help develop the FFC.

“It was an honour to host the summit, and I want to say thank you to the FIFA president for his faith in Cambodia. This will further strengthen the friendship between us, the FIFA president and member associations from Africa and Europe,” said Sameth.

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