The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) has given the biggest hint as yet that football alongside other contact sports may make an earlier return than expected.

SAT are under the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports where its main function is to coordinate the smooth running of national sports associations.

Towards that, SAT Governor Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee said this week that he feels confident that team sports – including football – will be given the green light for a return in August.

“Football and boxing are both contact sports while volleyball is played indoors. We have our plans for these events and I am expecting them to be back in August,” said Kongsak to Bangkok Post.

“The SAT have yet to include certain events like football, volleyball and boxing in their plan submitted to the CCSA (Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration) because these carry a higher risk of coronavirus spread.

“The ban on spectators at all these events will remain in place until we receive government approval to allow fans at such venues.”

Last week, Thailand ease up more restrictions to allow outdoor and individual non-contact sports like golf, archery, shooting and swimming to organise training activities and competitions.

“The SAT will continue monitoring the novel coronavirus situation in the country and will seek government approval for disciplines like football, volleyball and boxing next month,” added Kongsak.

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