It was supposed to be a landmark achievement in Vietnamese sports but the postponed Vietnam Formula One could yet to be a money-losing enterprise.

Organisers set to lose up to USD 35 million (VND 700-800 billion) if the race is held behind closed doors.

And with all foreign spectators given a refund from the April event, organisers have to look at attracting local fans.

Vietnam was supposed to host their first-ever Formula One race this year in April but after rushing through building the circuit in the middle of Hanoi, the race had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And while Formula One big wigs had recently planned for races mostly in Europe for the second half of the year, plans for the Vietnam race has been pushed back to November this year.

That too, with several safety conditions to be met and without any foreign spectators allowed to watch the inaugural race. 

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