“My experience in Malaysia has been valuable to my learning of the Asian culture. “, Lawrence Chew. Photo Credit – Stadiumastro.com

By Rizal Abdullah

# ‘Next stop is another Asian country’ – Lawrence Chew
# ‘After 29 years away from Malaysia I am still exploring other Asian cultures’ – Lawrence Chew
# ‘Re-branding tournaments in Malaysia is satisfying achievement for me’ – Lawrence Chew

Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) general manager Lawrence Chew is parting ways with the national association – less than two years after taking up the job in January last year to replace Kenny Goh who moved to greener pastures to join Badminton Asia.

Lawrence confirmed in a telephone interview on Saturday that he has submitted his resignation letter on Friday – giving BAM a two-and-a-half-month notice.

“It is a mutual understanding that we quit in good terms leave on good terms. I came back to Malaysia to learn about the Asian culture after leaving Malaysia for almost 30 years,” said Lawrence.

“I have spent 16 months with BAM for the opportunity. I will be leaving Malaysia again and aim to seek another Asian country. My experience in Malaysia has been valuable to my learning of the Asian culture.

“During my stint in Malaysia, I felt that I managed to bring positive features to BAM in the area concerning our events, tournament structure, branding, coach education and etc.

“Therefore, it might be considered a short time to be in Malaysia but it has been a fruitful one.”

While not wanting to name the country as his next stop, Lawrence revealed he also had offers from African countries. He is also believed to have received offers from Asean countries.

“Leave that out for now. It will be known in due course,” was all he said.

Lawrence, who is married to a Swiss national and has three children, resides in Switzerland.

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