French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Lima for the IOC’s September 13 vote on the 2024 Olympics, Paris bid team member Guy Drut announced on Tuesday.

Drut confirmed the new French head of state’s presence in Peru for the crucial vote after talks between Macron and the IOC’s evaluation commission.

“Emmanuel Macron told Patrick Baumann (head of the IOC’s inspection team) that he would definitely be in Lausanne for the IOC’s debriefing and also in Lima on September 13,” Drut, France’s 110m hurdle champion at the 1976 Games, said.

Paris are battling with Los Angeles for the right to succeed 2020 hosts Tokyo and stage the Games in seven years time.

Macron, who took office on Sunday, is a strong supporter of the Paris bid to host the Olympics for the first time in a century. – Agence France-Presse

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