Under clear skies and in very light wind conditions the races in M32 Series Copenhagen started today. A lot of people enjoyed the action along the shoreline in Tuborg Havn, but due to the light breeze only four races were completed the first day.

Team US One continued their winning streak and won the first race of the day but had a falling performance. Wallén Racing got their parts together in the second race and came out on top. “It has been a roller coaster ride today. Our starts have not been at our usual level, but we have done some work on our boat and we feel that we have a very competitive team right now”, says Hans Wallén.

Alite Racing with Martin Strandberg as a skipper finished 6th and 7th in the first two races, but managed to win the third race and ended up as third on the leaderboard at the end. “We didn´t start as well as we wanted to, but then we got some momentum going. Tomorrow we are aiming to improve even more”, Martin says.

With a win in the last race of the day, Nicklas Dackhammar and Essiq Racing showed everyone that they are a team to really challenge for the trophy this season. With a total of 10 points Essiq is in the lead with US One on second place on the same tally. 

“We have been working hard on our starts and that paid off today. Our aim is to be top three in every start and we managed to stick to that. We believe in what we do and we trust our decisions. That´s a key thing for us”, says Nicklas Dackhammar.

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