In 2013 the Board of Management of BMW AG decided to internationalise the BMW and MINI Driving Experience. Since then the concept behind the plan has been substantiated and key preparations undertaken in the first wave of markets.

In the latest step, a certification team from the BMW and MINI Driving Experience in Maisach conducted a critical assessment of the Netherlands as a pilot market: the Driving Experience in the Netherlands passed the test with flying colours, convincing the certification team both in the active driving section and when it came to outward impression and customer perception.

Indeed, the local partner ended up collecting significantly more points than it needed to gain certification. “I was impressed by how well the concept and guidelines of the BMW Driving Experience had been implemented on the ground in the Netherlands,” emphasised Robert Eichlinger, Head of the BMW and MINI Driving Experience.

Within the scope of this internationalisation preparations are going full speed in the USA. China and Italy are also gearing up for certification.

A critical element in the internationalisation of the BMW and MINI Driving Experience is that uniform standards are maintained or exceeded in all areas. All the elements affecting the customer experience are evaluated, such as the instructors’ conduct, knowledge and interaction with participants, the content of the training course, the overall running of the event, and the buildings and practical training areas – to name just a few of the certification criteria.

Now that it has successfully gained certification, the Driving Experience in the Netherlands can officially carry the “BMW Driving Experience, Official Partner of BMW M” seal of quality. BMW Netherlands expects this certification to open up further opportunities.

“The BMW Driving Experience is an emotionally rich product experience, which makes it an extremely valuable tool for acquiring new customers and retaining the loyalty of existing customers,” explains Peter Haug, responsible for BMW brand management and marketing services at BMW Netherlands.

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