The board of directors from TOC Automotive College, students and lecturers together with team Aylezo.

TOC Automotive College and Aylezo Competizione announce

Malaysia’s first-ever Racecar Engineering Course


Today marks the official partnership between two key players in their respective sectors of the automotive industry; TOC Automotive College (TOC), one of the early pioneers in automotive education, and Aylezo Competizione, a local professional race team that regularly competes in the International racing scene.

Today, the companies join forces to become TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy, to introduce the country’s first Racecar Engineering Course with the aim of enhancing individuals’ hidden potential in the fast-paced world of motorsports.

In the motorsport industry, TOC is an education provider for the first and only Diploma in Motorsport Technology course in the country. It has long established a strong presence in both the automotive and education sector focusing on automotive education in Malaysia.

As for Aylezo, the company earned its status as a leading race team representing the country in the vast International race scene. The team is well-represented by its founder, Zen Low, an experienced winning GT racecar driver.

Commenting on the partnership, Adelaine Foo, founder and CEO of TOC said, “We are thrilled to partner with Aylezo as it has been our intention to further enhance the development of the motorsport industry in our country. Malaysia’s motorsport is at its infancy compared to other countries. We have many potential racing drivers out there but we are severely lacking in terms of training providers. Hence, we’re here to set a pathway for all the future potential racecar drivers by introducing this 8-week Racecar Engineering Course, to improve their driving technique and gain professional racing instruction from experts.”

In this collaboration, TOC is the training provider whereas Aylezo will be sharing their professional insights and experience during practical sessions to hone each individual’s skill and expertise in relation to motorsports.

“We are very excited to be given this opportunity to team up with TOC again. Once again, they have proven to be forward thinking and this time, placing the interest of students who are keen on motorsport by delivering another avenue to a first-class automotive education. TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy is a true test and provides an opportunity for all automotive enthusiasts who want to embark on this adrenaline-filled industry,” said Zen, founder of Aylezo.

In this 8-week course, students will have a vast view of Motorsport, learning from the basics such as the proper seating position and how to control the car in various situations, all the way to learning about the car and the way it feels and how to communicate with the engineers. It is a chance to experience what a race driver and his crew goes through on a daily basis at the circuit, in a controlled manner at the academy’s purpose-built Go-Kart track with world-class simulators.

For those 21 years old and above, with a valid driving license, the first step to this experience is here. The TOC-Aylezo Racing Academy is located in Glenmarie, for more information and course registration, contact TOC at 03 7955 2855 or find out more about the course at or on Facebook at TOC Malaysia.

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