The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) Club Licensing Unit has issued the AFC club licenses to four (4) Philippines Football League (PFL) clubs that have expressed their intent to compete in AFC Club Competitions 2022.

The four clubs that applied for an AFC license were: Kaya FC-Iloilo, Mendiola FC 1991, Stallion Laguna FC, and United City FC.

Issuance of an AFC Club License will permit a club to compete in AFC Club Competitions such as the AFC Champions League 2022 and AFC Cup 2022, subject to PFF’s nomination to AFC of its representative clubs to the aforementioned competitions.

The PFF First Instance Body (FIB), which convened last 20 October 2021, deliberated on the club licensing applications of the four clubs. The FIB, led by its chairperson, Atty. Roland Tulay, issued the AFC Club License to Kaya FC-Iloilo and Stallion Laguna FC, and denied the applications of both United City FC and Mendiola FC 1991.

As part of the PFF Club Licensing core process, both United City and Mendiola lodged an appeal before the Appeals Body (AB), led by its chairperson, Atty. Rene Pilapil. The Appeals Body convened last 30 October 2021 and granted the appeals of the appellant clubs, subject to fines and submission of documents.

PFF has already notified the four clubs of the decisions from the FIB and AB. –
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