Sandakan District Tennis Association held their annual General Meeting yesterday and elected a new President and a group of new office bearers.

Fernando Rulloda a former state player was voted unanimously as the new President for the term 2016- 2018. What makes it more good news is that the deputy president  is also a former state player Mary Chin.

Sandakan DTA has always followed the constitution in holding the AGMs on time. All Presidents have following the constitution  ruling until now. The association should be given a certificate on this – according to STA president  who also attended the AGM in his capacity as a patron and  life member  of Sandakan DTA.

Fernando who have played for the state formerly decided to serve the DTA as a way of giving back to the tennis fraternity that has molded him become what he is today – a General Manager of a well established eco-tourism company.

Previously he has been in the committee and a coach for the Sandakan team. And today he is proud to lead SDTA.

SDTA must be happy to have former state players to helm the committee. Mary Chin gets the Deputy President’s post – the first time in the history of tennis that a woman helms the 2nd powerful post.


The rest of the committee are:

Herman Abdullah, Donald Lee, Mrs Soiking, Paul Wong and Patricia Chu.

According to the constitution the President appoints the  post of Honorary Treasurer  and Jeannie Koh again gets to continue the money keeping job.

The Honorary Secretary’s post will be appointed by the President at a later date as the out going Secretary Adrian Tan chose not to continue.

The SDTA committee now have 4 ladies out of the 9 posts in the committee. This again is the first time that ladies have come to be in the committee in a bigger percentage.

Life member Johnson Koh paid tribute to the outgoing  President Desmond Chang and the committee who have been able to get back those tennis playing members who resigned previously but came back under his term for a united Sandakan team as 1 Malaysia that have been always 1 Malaysia before this and hopefully will remain always 1 Malaysia.

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