The two Chinese Wanda Diamond League meetings are exploring possible new dates in the autumn of 2021.

Shanghai Diamond League was originally scheduled to take place on August 14th, with a second meeting, known as China2 to be held on August 22nd.  Due to the combination of travel restrictions and strict quarantine requirements currently in place for entry into China, as well as the Olympic Games and other Wanda Diamond League meetings, these events are not able to be rescheduled into a busy summer programme. Both meetings are exploring the possibility of staging exhibition events after the series comes to a close at the Wanda Diamond League Final, which is due to be held in Zurich. on September 8th and 9th.

The 2021 Wanda Diamond League will still take place as a full, structured series in which athletes compete for a place in the Final and a shot at the Diamond Trophy. Those who earn enough points throughout the season earn a place in the Final in Zurich, where they have the chance to be crowned Wanda Diamond League Champion in their chosen discipline.

In order to ensure a structured and fair qualification for the Final, some disciplines which were scheduled to be held at the Chinese events will now be reallocated to other meetings. Further information about the reallocation of disciplines will be communicated in due course.

The 2021 calendar remains subject to further changes depending on the global health situation in the coming months. 

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