The SIC Racing Team will today get their 2015 Moto3 campaign underway as they begin a three day test in Jerez.

The newly formed Malaysian backed team lead by experienced Team Manager Johan Stigefelt, will take to the track with riders Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Jakub Kornfeil on board the 2014 KTM RC250 GP Moto3 bike.

The test will provide valuable time on and off track for the crew to familiarise themselves with the 250cc machine and work with both riders to find their personal set up preferences.

Czech rider Jakub Kornfeil is no stranger to the KTM and will be looking to get up to speed quickly around the Spanish circuit, whilst Malaysian teammate Zulfahmi Khairuddin will be using his time on track to reacquaint himself with the KTM and establish a good base setting.


Johan Stigefelt – Team Manager

“We have been planning this test for a while now. As the first shakedown for the team it is important to be as prepared as possible. Luckily we have had great support from KTM who are also here to help us, which is an imperative part of this test. Yesterday was the first day we saw the KTM Moto3 bike and it’s very impressive. We will have to learn many new things but it’s a fantastic machine and I am confident we can do well.

“The main aim here in Jerez is for us as a team to get used to the bike and specifically the electronics. It’s more advanced than the Moto2 bike that we worked on previously, so there’s much to learn. We have only one bike but that will be OK and it also allows our riders to get used to working with their crew.

“We know Jakub is already used to the KTM so that is good. We actually have some new parts for him to try that he didn’t have this year in terms of suspension, so that will be interesting. For Zulfahmi the aim of this test will be for him to get used to the KTM again. It was over a year ago since he rode it and it has changed quite a lot.

We are here to use this test to the maximum; our objective is to get knowledge but also to be fast.”


#63 Zulfahmi Khairuddin

“This test is very important for me and the team. I have already a little bit of experience riding the KTM, but this year I was on another bike, so it is very important for me to get used to it again, build my confidence and get a good feeling.

“I think KTM have a very good package and I believe they are one of the best bikes in Moto3. They are capable of winning races and the Championship, so I am very excited to get started and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do.

I hope that we will also have some good weather for these three days so we can make the most of the track time.

“I’m feeling very positive about this new venture. I have a good connection with the team. I have known all the crew and the staff from this year travelling together and we understand each other well. I believe we can have good communication and this is very important.

“For this test my main aim is to focus on getting a good feeling on the bike. I haven’t really made a specific target for myself but for sure I have to really put 100% into my riding and be in the good lap times. I think if others do 1m47s lap times we must do the same.”


#84 Jakub Kornfeil

“Fahmi will start the test on Wednesday and I will ride on Thursday. I hope for good weather conditions because in the wet it is not so good to ride, especially for the first time with a new team. So I don’t know the feeling yet, but I know the KTM bike and the bike we have in the garage is the same that I rode last weekend. I’m very happy to be continuing with KTM because before now every year I change the bike and this is not so good for the rider.

“Yesterday I saw the new 2015 KTM and it’s completely different. The guys from the factory said it will be even better than the one I have been riding, so I’m very excited about this.

I also met everyone in the team and my new crew and I am happy about this too. I like them, they are all friendly and I think we will work well together. I’m looking forward to starting work with them on Thursday and then when we have another test in Malaysia.

“What I would like from this test is to get to know the team and make like my family, speak with them a lot and build a good relationship with them. This is very important because with a good understanding of each other everything will be easier.”


Circuito de Jerez

Circuit Length: 4.423 km


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