It is another Cup Final and it is another perennial problem in Malaysian football when it comes to the sale of tickets.
The football fans in this football-crazy country are again the “victims” of Football Association (FA) officials who always seem to take matter (sale of tickets) into their hands at their whims and fancies.
Seizures, faintings, crowd scuffles while queuing up long hours for the tickets for the final has become a torture for the fans. In short, it has become a norm in Malaysian football.
Over the years FA officials take the matter into their own hands – without concern and care for the fans.
When will this perennial “disease” in Malaysian football come to an end when so much is said of professionalism – on and off the field.
This Saturday’s Malaysia cup final between Terengganu and Perak saw both sides being allocated 30,000 tickets for their fans to watch the final at the Shah Alam Stadium.
Tickets for Perak fans went up for sale at the Perak Stadium and districts on Thursday morning and were sold out within 30 minutes. Some of the district fans cried foul over the change of venue which was made without being informed while the Perak FA official Facebook showed the previous venue.
Many of the fans camped overnight at the venue for sale of tickets. Several fans reportedly fainted while queuing to buy their tickets as counters did not open on time. Many did not take their breakfast for fear of losing their spot in the queue.
Not forgetting those who had to travel quite a distance to buy their tickets – some succeeded and some did not. 
It is a time the FA’s concerned make things easier for their “loyal fans” who make a lot of sacrifices to support their team. With the fans, a football team does not exist or can survive.
The “high-handed” FA officials who deal with the fans should be booted out of the association for the sake of football. – BY RIZAL ABDULLAH
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