TikTok, the most popular platform for short-form mobile videos, is joining the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift as an Official Provider.

The partnership will boost the exposure of cycling and top riders among a broader audience.

TikTok’s know-how will help the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift to bring the magic of cycling around the globe.

For the first time, TikTok is becoming an Official Provider of the Tour de France, which has been an integral part of French heritage for 120 years.   

Starting from 1 July, fans of the Tour de France, enthusiasts and its entire community will get to experience the race in a special way with TikTok. Thanks to TikTok and its creators, users of the platform will discover the Tour de France through refreshing and sometimes off-the-wall formats, stories and perspectives.  

As an Official Provider, TikTok will bring the Tour de France (1–23 July 2023) and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift (23–30 July 2023) to a whole new audience. Each stage of the Tour will also be a golden opportunity to put the spotlight on local TikTok creators and the rich tapestry of landscapes that set the backdrop for these two events. 

This alliance with the Tour de France shows just how much TikTok and its community love all sports and cycling in particular. TikTok will bring the biggest events on the men’s and women’s cycling calendars to an audience of more than a billion users worldwide, including 150 million in Europe.

It will be a chance for everyone to share the feats of extraordinary riders, plant the seeds of new passions —and careers— and inspire everyone to get on their bicycles.   
French users of the platform will be especially pleased to learn that TikTok and the Tour de France are joining forces.

TikTok will bring the beauty, diverse history and vibrant culture of the regions that host the races to screens around the globe. From #Bilbao to the #ChampsElysees, every stage will take users on a journey of discovery straight from the app.

The regions will also be featured in the campaign “Une fenêtre sur nos régions” (A window on our regions), supported by two vehicles in the caravan of the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift.

TikTok will engage with the public day in, day out, celebrating the visited regions with a unique vehicle decoration scheme.   

Every day, TikTok users worldwide will discover exclusive content posted on the official @LeTourDeFrance account (+ 317,000 followers), along with countless videos made and uploaded by the teams, cyclists, partners, fans and followers of the Grande Boucle, which can be accessed from the dedicated search page, #TourDeFrance.

Marlène Masure, General Manager — Operations, TikTok France, Benelux and Southern Europe:
“We are thrilled to partner with the 2023 edition of the Tour de France. The creativity of the TikTok community will bring a fresh perspective on both the men’s and the women’s events and an unparalleled degree of visibility matching the commitment of these extraordinary athletes and their determination to push their limits!”  

Julien Goupil, Director for Media and Partnerships, ASO:
“The singular nature of the content on TikTok is a perfect match for the ambition of the Tour de France: to bring the magic of the event everywhere, to everyone and through the spontaneity and creativity of every user. Fresh content from the roadside will add to the wealth of existing material and foster an even greater sense of community around the event.” – www.letour.fr

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