Oracle Red Bull Racing has partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises to create iconic Las Vegas race suits, inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s classic jumpsuit.

In celebration of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Team has unveiled their new Elvis-inspired ‘Viva Las Vegas’ race suits, in homage to Elvis’ signature Vegas look.

The race suits, manufactured by the Team’s Technical Racewear Supplier Sparco, will make their grand debut at the Las Vegas Grand Prix Race, for one night and one night only, worn by drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez on track.

The drivers will race in two different colours: Max in white and Checo in red. The design showcases a jumpsuit-inspired look, is adorned with gold stars on the front and back of the suit and features a classic Elvis ‘belt’.

To further celebrate the partnership, Oracle Red Bull Racing and Elvis Presley Enterprises have created a limited-edition collection of tees, fleece, hoodies and totes featuring vintage images of Elvis adorned in race-gear. The signature apparel will be sold at the Elvis Presley Amazon Shop.
Christian Horner, CEO & Team Principal, Oracle Red Bull Racing said, “As we gear up for the first ever Grand Prix in Las Vegas, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the most prolific Las Vegas icon, Elvis Presley. Elvis left his mark on Vegas and the world, becoming synonymous with the glitz, the flash, and the energy of the strip, something we are hoping to replicate as we take to the track on Saturday night.”
Marc Rosen, President, Entertainment, Authentic Brands Group said, “There’s not much like the energy and passion fans have for this sport and its drivers. With that in mind, we are thrilled to partner with Oracle Red Bull Racing on the design for Max’s race suit and the limited-edition apparel commemorating this incredible moment in sports history.”
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