Rakphol Sainetngam, the head coach of the Thailand Futsal team, said that the team will have to work harder on their transitional play ahead of the semifinals of the 2021 Continental Futsal Championship tomorrow.

Thailand will take on Egypt in the second semifinals as Iran entertain Uzbekistan in the earlier tie at the Show DC Hall 1, Show DC Shopping Centre.

“After three matches (in the group), I believe that we did not have any problems with the tactics. It was just that we had some issue changing from our offensive game to the defensive, and vice versa. But we still have time to fix this,” said Rakphol.

“The players have put in a lot of effort into these matches. And they fought hard. We also have to appreciate the fans who have been behind us all the way.”

Thailand had started their campaign in Group A with a 6-4 win over Mozambique before being held to a 6-6 draw by Kosovo in their second tie.

But the Thais rebounded in their third and final match in Group A with a close 4-3 win over Uzbekistan to take the group.

“The players played with a lot of heart. And you can see from the different sets between Supawut Thueanklang-Muhammad Usman Musa and then Nattawut Matyalan-Apiwat Chaemcharoen. Both sets are playing well and the structure is there,” added Rakphol.





25 July 2021

Egypt 1-0 Tajikistan

Iran 5-0 Lithuania

Uzbekistan 6-3 Kosovo

Thailand 6-4 Mozambique


26 July 2021

Lithuania 4-2 Egypt

Tajikistan 0-7 Iran

Mozambique 0-10 Uzbekistan

Kosovo 6-6 Thailand


27 July 2021

Tajikistan 9-2 Lithuania

Iran 2-2 Egypt

Kosovo 1-2 Mozambique

Thailand 4-3 Uzbekistan


29 July 2021

1030hrs – PLAYOFF – Kosovo vs Lithuania



1330hrs – Iran vs Uzbekistan

1630hrs – Thailand vs Egypt


30 July 2021

1130hrs – PLAYOFF – Mozambique vs Tajikistan

1330hrs – 3rd & 4th Placing

1630hrs – FINAL



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