1. The ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF) has received official notification on the cancellation of the 10th ASEAN Para Games from the Philippines Paralympic Committee (NPC Philippines) on 6th May 2020 following its recent announcement on the status of the biennial Games in Manila.

2. Whilst regretting such move, the region’s Paralympic movement governing body expressed its gratitude to NPC Philippines, saying that the federation fully understands that the decision was unavoidable to the worsening COVID-19 crisis in the country.

3. APSF will now hold a Board of Governors emergency meeting to deliberate, ratify and endorse the cancellation of the 10th ASEAN Para Games and move on towards the staging of the 11th ASEAN Para Games 2021 scheduled in Vietnam.

4. NPC Philippines president Michael Barredo, in an official notification to APSF President Major General Osoth Bhavilai in Bangkok, stated that the cancellation was unavoidable due to the “uncontrollable circumstances caused by the COVID19 pandemic.”

5. The NPC Philippines derived at the decision following Philippines Sports Commission’s (PSC) announcement to withdraw financial support to the hosting of the Games due to “the present health crisis and directives from the national Government”. All respective NPCs have been informed on the cancellation along with a copy of an official letter from Mr. Barredo, Chairman of Philippines ASEAN Para Games Organizing Committee, an official letter from PSC and a copy of the National Budget Circular.

6. The biennial Games, traditionally held after the SEA Games, has been held since its inaugural Games in 2001 in Kuala Lumpur. Manila was supposed to host the 10th edition for the second time after first hosting it in 2005.

7. Acknowledging all preparation efforts taken prior to the cancellation, the APSF expressed its gratitude to the organising committee for its commitment towards the hosting of the Games.

8. APSF would like to thank the Philippines for all efforts which have been taken prior to the cancellation of the Games. We fully understand that the decision had to be made due to the COVID19 pandemic and the uncertainties it present.

Thank you.



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