The Malaysian Senior Women played China Juniors again today and succumbed to their second defeat. Following the 4-0 loss in the first friendly, the Malaysian women put up a much better improvement, conceding a 2-1 loss this time round.

Nurul Nabihah (FG) 11 min

(FG) 22 min 2nd Q
(FG) 58 min 4th Q

Head Coach Muhammad Dhaarma Raj, although happy with the improved scoreline, said that the match clearly showed areas of weakness which the team must worked on.

“We fielded all our players and gave them a run, so they could put into practice what was learned in our sessions back in Malaysia. Some took to the changes quickly, some weren’t as flexible. Nevertheless, I am happy with the attitude and enthusiasm of the team. We are here to learn and we are focused on acquiring the right information to help us improve,” Dhaarma said.

Malaysia’s next match against China Juniors will be on 25 Mac at 4pm.

IN THE MEANTIME, the Malaysian Men Senior team will play their final match of the tour against World Champions Australia tomorrow. Despite the two losses, players are in good spirits, knowing full well the lessons learnt in these games will only leave them in good stead for the SAS Cup.

Terry Walsh, MHC’s Tech Director believes that persistence and consistency remain key ingredients that will lead Malaysia to eventual success.

“We have clearly uncovered key performance areas for us to be focused upon as we progress towards the World Cup, Asian Games and Tokyo Olympics. Persistence is absolutely critical. It is evident significant progress is being made on this tour – but there is much to do. So we will need to keep on working hard”, he said.

Malaysia will take on the Aussies one last time on this tour before returning to KL on the 25th of March 2016.

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