Four time Ballon d’Or winner stars in new film to inspire the creators of today

Leo Messi, arguably the greatest player in the history of football, empowers creators today to create their own path and no longer follow him. ‘Unfollow’ is the new 60 second film from adidas that builds on the recent launch of ‘Create Your Own Game.’

An incredible four time winner of the Ballon d’Or, Messi, adored and followed by fans all over the world, has received the highest accolades from both inside and outside the game. But football has changed and this film sets the scene for Messi’s challenge to the next generation of creators. To them, he is no longer a hero – he is the competition.

‘Unfollow’ is the latest chapter of Sport15, which further represents the shift in how adidas communicates as a brand. In a world filled with followers, adidas is reaching out to those who are bold enough to stand out. The film is a call to arms for those who defy the norm tomake a difference in the changing game.This is a call to stop imitatinggreats like Leo Messi, but to take it from him and create a whole new thing.

Driven by the brand’s mission to be the world’s best sports brand, the film is an additional proof of adidas’ continued desire to revolutionise the game around the world. Sportstoday is not about standing by the side-lines and watching other people’s greatness; athletes are encouraged to craft their own route to success, and learn to overcome obstacles along the way.

To experience the new, watch ‘Unfollow’ at: adidas: Unfollow feat. Leo Messi

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