* Wants to pursue further studies

* Second national player in two months – bringing the total to three in three months

National champion Yang Li Lian has quit the national badminton team – exactly a month after doubles player Ng Hui Lin had done the same – dealing the Bsdminton Association of Malaysia yet another blow.

Although Li Lian has cited studies and her failure to make any headway in her badminton career as her reasons, it only shows that something is not really right and topping the list is lack of international tournaments for exposure and experience.

Li Lian is the latest to have quit the women’s national badminton team. The 22-year-old’s resignation is the third in the team. Ng Hui Ern was the first to leave the stable in November and her sister Ng Hui Lin threw in the towel last month.

Who is the next to go is left to be seen. For the record current national number one Tee Jing Yi did quit the team just before the SEA Games but she later withdrew her resignation letter after a meeting with BAM president Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.

The national badminton body is not only battling a spate of resignations has left the coaches a disappointed lot after being handed an extended three month contract until the end of March. The contract of the coaches expired at the end of last year.

Li Lian will further her studies at a private institution of higher learning in Malaysia – something she was not able to do as a national badminton player. Li Lian is currently ranked No 32 in the world.

On the national front Li Lian retires as the national champion. In the National Grand Prix Finals held in Kuala Terengganu last month, Li Lian defeated Lee Ying Ying 21-16, 21-13 in the women’s singles final.

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