Anyone in the badminton world will know Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) General Secretary Dato Kenny Goh has always been the voice of reason and will always speak up to ensure the interest of the sport is protected.

Some may feel he is somewhat vocal but the fact is Kenny will stand up for what’s right and is always ready to help any official or BA. This was immensely evident when he was at Badminton Asia.

Now, the National Badminton Associations have the opportunity to have an official of Kenny’s extensive experience and passion representing them and making their voices heard in the BWF Council. He can be the one to raise issues facing national federations, who in these unprecedented times, are facing a multitude of difficulties. Many have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

His reasons for seeking a place in the BWF Council are clearly stated in his video message to the members. “You are the most important stakeholders in the entire badminton ecosystem,” said Kenny. “It is not about what I have done in the past, it’s about what you and I can work together for the future of badminton, for the development of this beloved sport of ours.”

Kenny had implemented new administrative practices and introduced development programmes while he was in BAM for a decade before moving on to Badminton Asia in 2016. While the Asian confederation, he effectively raised the profile of their competitions, improved the organisation’s administration and helped bring in new sponsors.

Notably, he developed an excellent rapport and relationship with the Member Associations. As his country needed his services, Kenny decided to return to BAM where he now heads the all-important Coaching and Technical Committee.

“I humbly seek your support in order for me to be your voice, in order for me to speak for you, in order for me to be given the opportunity to work with you for the progress of this sport. I am here to serve you and serve the sport,” Kenny vowed in his message to members.

His vast knowledge and interest in development programmes and activities will be an asset to the developing badminton nations, should he be elected to the BWF Council.

To put it simply, Kenny is an official who is committed and passionate about the sport, he will go over and beyond the call of duty to help anyone who needs it. Considering the above, the National Badminton Associations should seriously consider supporting Kenny for the BWF Council position.

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