The week-long training has given Indonesia women’s head coach Rully Nere just what he wanted as it allowed him the chance to identify his core squad ahead of the AFF Women’s Championship 2019 later this year.

The AFF Women’s Championship 2019 will be on 15-27 August in Thailand.

“The team is slowly but surely being formed. The players showed commitment not only in training but also in the several friendlies that they played. This considering that some of the players fasted during Ramadhan. So their commitment was amazing,” said Rully.

“I am general satisfied with the performance of the players. They all showed me what they can do. And the friendly matches showed their abilities. It has allowed us the chance to form the core of the team.”

From the five friendlies played, the Indonesia women’s team scored three wins and two losses.

The victories were against Srikandi Mojopahit Mojokerto (16-0), Persema Putri Kota Malang (7-1) and also Persida Putri Sidoarjo (3-0). All were women’s teams.

The defeats were against boys’ teams and they were Krian United Putra U-15 (0-1) and then Gala Siswa Indonesia (GSI) Select Sidoarjo Putra U-15 (0-2).

The second phase of centralized training will be held on 12 Juni 2019.



20 May 2019

vs Srikandi Mojopahit Mojokerto (16-0)


21 May 2019

vs Krian United Putra U-15 (0-1)


22 May 2019

vs Persema Putri Kota Malang (7-1)


23 May 2019

vs Gala Siswa Indonesia (GSI) Select Sidoarjo Putra U-15 (0-2)


24 May 2019

vs Persida Putri Sidoarjo (3-0)

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