Digital director, Jess McFadyen, spent the day with Jaguar TCS Racing to discuss ‘breaking the bias’ within motorsport

Jess was joined, in the award-winning Jaguar I-PACE, by four members of the team who work in a range of different job roles

Jaguar TCS Racing is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day as part of the team’s Race To Inspire programme – aimed at inspiring a new generation of motorsport fans by telling real life stories

Digital director, Jess McFadyen spent the day with four members of the Jaguar TCS Racing team to learn more about their individual roles and discuss the wider topic of women in motorsport.

Celebrating International Women’s Day for the fourth consecutive year, Jaguar TCS Racing and Jess McFadyen discussed the campaign’s ‘Break the Bias’ theme for 2022 and how communities, workplaces and education can collectively break stereotypes for a gender equal world.

Acting as chauffeur for the day in the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, Jess McFadyen spoke with women from across Jaguar TCS Racing, discussing how women in motorsport continue to ‘break the bias’ within the industry and what more can be done to inspire the next generation of female motorsport enthusiasts.

Joining Jess McFadyen in the International Women’s Day film out today is commercial project manager, Sara Morrow, software engineer, Lais Campelo, performance & lead data science engineer, Cristina Mañas and events manager, Jess Shortt.

“Since I first started working in the automotive industry almost twenty years ago, there has certainly been a huge development in breaking down gender stereotypes and I’m very proud that at Jaguar TCS Racing we celebrate and champion colleagues of all genders. Of course, it is important that we continue to learn about how we can break the bias and encourage more women to work in motorsport in all areas of the industry whether it is commercial or technical.” – SARA MORROW, JAGUAR TCS RACING COMMERCIAL PROJECT MANAGER

“Female representation in motorsport is vital to keep encouraging younger generations to break down boundaries and prove that a career in any industry is possible if you put your mind to it. I think it is so important that we continue to challenge ourselves and others to break the bias within certain industries and ensure there is a more equal representation of women across the board.” – LAIS CAMPELO, JAGUAR TCS RACING SOFTWARE ENGINEER

“In order to break the bias, I think it all begins with education and demonstrating to girls that there aren’t specific roles for men or women but if you have the ability and skill for that role, anyone can do it. At school and university, I was always fascinated by data analysis and what we can learn from it, so working as a performance data engineer allows me to use that in my day-to-day role at Jaguar TCS Racing. Ultimately, when it gets to race day, what is important is not my gender but what the data is telling me and how myself and the team can use this to our advantage.” – CRISTINA MAÑAS, JAGUAR TCS RACING PERFORMANCE & LEAD DATA SCIENCE ENGINEER

“I’ve always been interested in events and events management but working in motorsport wasn’t something I had considered before joining Jaguar TCS Racing, in a role I now love. Highlighting the variety of roles within motorsport is so important as there are so many incredible opportunities available beyond the more visible technical element.” – JESS SHORTT, JAGUAR TCS RACING EVENTS MANAGER

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