The FA of Malaysia (FAM) is coming down hard on teams who took a “tidak apa” attitude when it came to paying salaries of players and team officials.

Super League outfits Melaka United and Police and Premier League’s Kelantan will have to “toe the line” if they are to be part of this year’s M-League which begins at the end of next month.

In a statement by the FAM, the national football body issued a stern warning letter the teams have also been given lifelines failing which they will be booted out from the competition.

The three teams will have to settle the outstanding dues by the end of January failing which they will have three points deducted before the season kicks-off.

The second dateline is Feb 28 and if this is not met it will be another six points deducted.

The final lifeline to settle all the dues is March 30. FAM secretary-general Stuart Ramalingam warned that the errant teams be expelled from the M-League if they still owe the players and officials.

Stuart also warned teams that have drawn up a special plan to settle the dues will have to adhere to the FAM’s letter or will also face the same consequences.

Over the years some of the big names in the league adopted a “tidak apa” attitude because they had clout in the FAM and the players and officials suffered. Many had to do odd jobs to survive.

Hopefully this year it is the start of better things to come for football in Malaysia. RIZAL ABDULLAH

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