Electric motorsport championship Formula E has come together with BXR to create a new class that will be rolled out across the luxury gym’s three London locations

Inspired by the training regimes of Formula E’s race drivers, Attack Mode by Formula E is a sweat-inducing 45 minute workout that’s guaranteed to put gym-goers through their paces

Co-designed by NEOM McLaren Formula E Team racing driver Sam Bird, the class will run for one week from 8th – 14th July, ahead of the season finale at the 2024 Hankook London E-Prix on 20th and 21st July

Those who book onto the class will also have the chance to win two grandstand tickets to the electrifying event, with one VIP prize up for grabs

Limited spaces available, to book your slot visit BXR or Class Pass here

This July, the world’s first all-electric racing championship, Formula E will bring a brand new workout to London-based luxury gym, BXR, replicating the gruelling training regimes of the sport’s uber-fit racing drivers.

Launching on Monday 8th July, and running for one week across BXR’s three London locations (Canary Wharf, City, and Marylebone), the aptly-named Attack Mode by Formula E class has been inspired by NEOM McLaren Formula E Team driver Sam Bird’s very own workout routine, giving fans a glimpse into the life of a driver off the track. Attack Mode is the term used in Formula E when a driver picks up an extra hit of power during a race, and this class aims to provide the same hit of power for those brave enough to take it on.

Centred on strength and conditioning, the workout focuses on enhancing endurance, building muscle strength, and improving mental agility – reflecting everything a Formula E driver needs as they prepare to take on the tracks’ biggest obstacles, all while going at speeds of up to 200 miles an hour.

Available to book on the BXR’s website or app using a Sweat credit or book via Classpass, this one-of-a-kind, high-intensity workout will see gym-goers take on assault bikes, TRX (total-body resistance exercise), free weights, and sprints. With upper body, neck strength, and cardio all a critical part of a race car driver’s training, the workout hones in on these skills with exercises like TRX rows and banded sprints. 

Attack Mode by Formula E has been co-designed by BXR and Sam Bird (NEOM McLaren), one of Formula E’s veteran drivers, having competed in the sport since its inception in 2014. Celebrated for his multiple victories, Bird’s training regime is at the heart of his success, and now fans of fitness and Formula E will have the chance to experience for themselves what exactly it takes to compete at the highest level.

Sam Bird, Racing Driver for NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, said:

“Race car drivers are some of the fittest athletes in the world, and our training routines are designed to consistently keep us performing at the top of our game. With upper body strength and cardio so integral to the fitness required of us, BXR was the perfect partner to build this workout with. I’m excited to share this class with the public and give people a taste of what it takes to work at an elite sporting level.”

Those who attend an Attack Mode by Formula E class will have the opportunity to win two tickets to the 2024 Hankook London E-Prix, taking place on 20th and 21st July at ExCel London. The final race of the season, the 2024 Hankook London E-Prix is a thrilling indoor-outdoor spectacle where title contenders will battle it out for victory over the course of the weekend.

Alex Nichols, Director at BXR, shared,

“Seeing the dedication and effort that goes into training as a Formula E driver, we’re excited to bring this electrifying new class to the public as part of our existing strength and conditioning schedule. We train a number of elite athletes here at BXR and are looking forward to opening this exclusive class up to the public on the 8th July.”

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