Great Britain rebounded from defeat in their last match to beat Malaysia with a slim 1-0 margin in the International Friendly Series that was played tonight at the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium.

The Malaysians again put up another compact performance with Mohamad Hafizuddin Othman denoting another tough night to come with a timely save from David Condon’s effort.

But Great Britain was not about to be denied as a penalty corner in the 17th minute gave them the edge when Liam Ansell smashed the ball in for the lead.

The battle went into higher gear soon after that as both teams pushed forward in turn in search of the goal.

Great Britain’s Ansell and Condon were always a handful with their prodding runs and shooting on the turn but the Malaysian defence stood firm.

And they certainly the Malaysians were not giving up where in the 47th minute, they came close with a penalty corner but was denied by keeper George Pinner as the score stayed all the way to the end.

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