“We did not deserve to win,” said Selangor head coach B. Satianathan after the Red Giants crashed to a 1-0 defeat to Terengganu through an own goal by skipper K. Sarkunan in the first minute of added time at the Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium in Kuala Terengganu on Friday.
“Terengganu fully deserve the win and the three points. Congratulations to Terengganu who never gave up trying.”
Sarkunan turned the ball into his own past a stranded Farizal Harun while attempting to clear a cross from Terengganu substitute Adib Aizuddin Latif just when a draw looked imminent.
“Some Selangor players turned their backs when shots were taken…this is baffling. We did not make any attempt to fight for the ball. I am surprised by what was seen of Selangor against Terengganu. 
“It is back to work…more hard work. I am glad this (the match against Terengganu) is the last match during the month of Ramadan,” lamented Satianathan on his team’s overall performance.
The former national coach who is known not to mince his words when things go wrong was honest when he said some players “do not perform of what is expected of them” and has vowed to put things in order.
Selangor is fourth place in the Super League with 22 points after 15 matches while Terengganu crept to fifth with 20 points from the same number of matches.
The Turtles have been unbeaten in the last two matches since Nafuzi Zain took over the hot seat after Irfan Bakti quit the post following Terengganu’s exit from the FA Cup semi-finals and the embarrassing 5-3 defeat to Petaling Jaya City in a league match two weeks ago. – BY RIZAL ABDULLAH 
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