Reflecting on the race in Austria, how do you feel looking back? Have you had chance to re-watch the race?

Obviously it wasn’t my day, I have learnt from what happened and I have taken the positives away from the race. We have to keep pushing and I am now focussing on this weekend, looking ahead, I can’t wait to get back on track at Silverstone. I am very excited to see all the fans back at the track too, the atmosphere is always electric at Silverstone. Hopefully lots of the Team’s family can come and watch the race too, they are all in for a good race weekend.

How are you feeling heading into the weekend at Silverstone, is this a track that you look forward to racing on?

I’m feeling positive and pumped up for this weekend, hopefully we can get onto the podium again. It will be interesting to see the new race format for Formula One too. As a Team we have put in a lot of effort to understand the new race format, a lot of preparation and practice has gone into this weekend. It will be very different for everyone, it’s definitely exciting and I hope that the hard work pays off.

Other Teams are planning to bring upgrades to this race weekend, do you expect that to make things closer across the field?

Yes, I believe so, and I saw Mercedes talk about upgrades so I’m sure they will be very strong this weekend. We will, of course, try our hardest as well and hopefully, we will be able to come back up on top. Let’s see what happens!

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