Showing great sportsmanship is the hallmark of an athlete. Joshua Karunagaran scored high marks for that and earned due respect from the audience in the Allianz Junior Badminton Championships 2022 Qualifying Round 5.

The 12-year-old from SJK (c) Peng Min in Kedah was up against Loh Yi Kai, who is not only two years younger than him, but stands far shorter, and has barely two months of experience in playing the game in their first-round encounter.

But Joshua, who arrived at the University of Science Malaysia Sports Complex with immense experience, went a step further by encouraging his younger and inexperience opponent to engage in long rallies.

For Yi Kai, who lost 30-4, the defeat was a big blow to his sudden love for the sport but he nevertheless enjoyed the match.

“I feel happy. I returned many shots and it was fun,” said Yi Kai

Joshua confessed that he had no heart to go for quick winning points against Yi Kai although he could end the game in10 minutes.

“We are all here to play and enjoy the game. I really feel good allowing Yi Kai the opportunity to engage in long rallies. It helps in his development and makes him happy,” said Joshua.

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