“To win our home race last weekend was a whole Team effort and we can be very happy with that, but we cannot expect the same result easily this weekend. People will learn from what they didn’t do so well last week and also we have softer tyre compounds which could mix things up as well. We had a very positive race but there are always things we can do better and I naturally expect everyone to be closer this weekend as this is usually what happens when you have back-to-back races at the same track.”

“As a Team we are focused on ourselves and I like that everyone  is still pushing and wants to improve, as that is what Formula One and competition is about. It is very important to me to see everyone motivated and adding performance and from my side I will keep driving to the maximum each weekend so we can try and stay ahead. At the moment we have a very good package but we need to keep on top of everything as it is still a very long season.”

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