Jurgen Klopp admitted it was a “strange” experience to be a hologram guest, along with Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone, at a Munich press conference on Friday — while sat in Liverpool.

3D images of Klopp and Simeone were beamed in real time to a press conference in Munich to announce their teams’ involvement in August’s Audi Cup — a pre-season tournament hosted by Bayern Munich.

Technology meant both Liverpool coach Klopp and Madrid boss Simeone could take part in the Bavarian capital, even though they were physically sat in Liverpool and Madrid respectively.

The ethereal pair answered questions, with their images seated next to Bayern’s Carlo Ancelotti in a dimly lit press briefing.

It is believed to be football’s first press conference conducted with two of the participants represented by holograms.

“It’s certainly a bit strange. I am from the generation who watched Star Trek and suddenly I’m in Munich,” said a slightly bemused Klopp when asked what it was like to be beamed down to Bavaria from Liverpool.

“It’s something new, but the quality seems to be good.”

Simeone said he was pleased to have been able to avoid a five-hour round-trip flight to Munich from Madrid.

“It took me five minutes to get here, so I am very happy,” joked the 47-year-old.

Ancelotti said wryly that coaches might be forced to attend more press conferences if they can be beamed by hologram to far-flung locations.

The fourth participants in the Audi Cup from August 1-2 will be announced at a future date. – Agence France-Presse

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