Lionel Messi’s contract with Spanish giant, Barcelona is reported to be close to 500 million pounds thus became the largest negotiation value in sports history.
According to a report by the newspaper El Mundo—who received a copy of a confidential 30-paged document on the matter—the total contract involved was 492 million pounds.
The amount includes a fixed salary, image rights, other income and taxes to be paid by Barcelona bypassing the NLF star, Patrick Mahomes’s with Kansas City Chiefs amounting to 402 million pounds.
One of the bonuses he received is the “renewal payment” worth 102 million pounds just by signing the contract in November 2007. The superstar also continues to receive 69 million pounds annually as a ‘loyalty bonus’ to remain with the team.
However, the Argentine tried to leave Barca last summer activating a clause from the contract allowing him to leave the team for free.
But Messi made a U-turn to remain with Barcelona in his final year with teams like Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City likely to be his next destination.
The document involving Messi’s contract leaked just a few days after Barcelona’s financial report revealed they were facing a debt of one billion pounds.
This includes short-term debt worth 638 million pounds while 236 million pounds were to be repaid to various banks and financial institutions before June 30. – By Siti Zafirah Kamal
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