The majority of clubs in Indonesia – in either Liga 1 or Liga 2 – wants the leagues to be cancelled altogether.

At a virtual meeting between club owners and the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) this week, club owners expressed their dismay and their worry that they might not be able to meet having to pay salaries should the league be played behind closed doors.

With the biggest chunk of the club’s income stemming from the sale of tickets, not even a central tournament will be able to supplement the salaries.

From the 18 teams playing in Indonesia Liga 1, eleven teams expressed their desire for the league to be called off while six teams pushed for the league to be restarted.

One team abstained.

In Liga 2, out of 22 teams that took part in the virtual meeting, only two teams requested for a restart while the rest asked for the leagues to be cancelled.

There are 24 teams playing in Liga 2.

But while the majority of the clubs are pushing for the leagues to be cancelled, the vast majority of players and coaches want the leagues to be restarted as soon as possible.

The Indoneslan leagues have been postponed since 16 March 2020.

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