Round 5 of PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship was held at the Terengganu Circuit. Azroy Hakeem Anuar of Honda Yuzy Estremo Racing took his first win for the season in the CP150 race category.

As soon as the race flagged off, Afif sped ahead to take the lead for a moment before Azroy from the back overtook. At P3, Kasma seemed confident with his momentum. At P4, Akid trailed Kasma while finding the right opportunity to strike.

The gap between the four riders in the front troop and riders in the back troop were quite wide with Helmi taking the lead at P5 before Nazirul overtook. At P1, Azroy stayed focused and went on to maintain his position although Afif kept putting pressure.

Mid race, the position of riders in the front troop never changed however in the back troop, Haziq began injecting pressure towards Helmi. In the 11th lap, Kasma began facing issues with his machine and he had to back out from the race. This gave Akid the advantage in that moment to take over P3. At the same time, Helmi managed to slide past Nazirul and began chasing the rider ahead of him; however, after a few laps, Nazirul came back into P4.

The race became even more intense between Azroy and Afif but the former was impressive in the ways he maintained his position. Akid at P3 was left trailing behind. At the last lap, Afif tried his best to work his magic but Azroy succeeded in maintaining his position at P1 from start to the completion of the race. He clocked in at 16’23:204s.

Commenting on the race, Azroy said, “The race today was tough! But in the end, I managed to take my first win after so many rounds. During the race, I pushed from the first till the last lap. At first, I noticed there were four of us in the front troop and then there were three. But when I looked back after a few laps, I noticed that only Afif was trailing me closely. I wasn’t sure then what happened to the other riders at P3 and P4. With five more laps to go, I was thinking of letting Afif take the lead but Afif did not pursue it. I went on to maintain my speed until the last lap. At the last turn, there was an opportunity for Afif to strike but he did not and I went on to finish first. I am truly touched by today’s win.”

At the second and third spot was the duo from PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – CKJ Racing with Ahmad Afif Amran at the second spot and Md Akid Aziz at the third. They clocked in at 16’23:500s and 16’28:023s respectively.

For the CP125 race category, Md Khairi Ashraf of Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team celebrated victory at the Terengganu circuit.

During the Shoot Out session, the riders of Jetron Yamaha YYPang Racing Team emerged with a perfect strategy to dominate the top three spots on the grid. Syafiq Ezzariq, with the fastest lap time took the pole position at 51’119s followed by Khairi Ashraf at P2 on the grid at 51’163s and Fareez Afeez at P3 on the grid at 51’565s.

During the race, Ezzariq took lead while his teammate, Khairi trailed him at P2. Seconds into the race, a casualty occurred consequently paving a pathway for the duo to speed ahead of the other riders while slowly drawing up a gap between the troop behind them. Syukran at P3 tried to close the gaps in front of him.Nevertheless, the two riders were solid in their positions. The pressure was more intense among the riders in the back troop.

With six more laps to go, Ezzariq who was at P1 began increasing speed, drawing a gap with Khairi. At P4, Adam was pacing to find ways to overtake Syukran and succeeded into P3 momentarily before he was superseded by Aliff Danial. At P1 and P2, Ezzariq and Khairi were relentless in their pursuit however at the last lap, Khairi made his moves and took over P1 before speeding towards victory at 13’00:253s.

Commenting on the race, Khairi said, “My team has done a wonderful job with the machine for this weekend. During the race earlier, I tried to maintain my speed and the gap with my teammate who was ahead of me. But on the last lap, he made a mistake which gave me the opportunity to move forward into P1. I am truly grateful for today’s win.”

At the second spot was teammate, Md Shafiq Ezzariq Saiful Nizam, clocking in his best at 13’00:652s.

Md Adam Haikal Jahar of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing took the third spot at 13’06:180s.

Meanwhile, in the Wira KBS race category, Amirun Haziq Johan of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing succeeded at the top spot in the final race that was held at the Terengganu circuit.

Starting the race at the pole position was Danish Iqram of Yamaha Estremo 27 Racing who clocked in fastest during the qualifying session yesterday followed by his teammate, Adib Arysad and Amirun Haziq of PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha – 31 Racing at P3 on the grid.

As soon as the race started, Danish was quick to find his footing at P1 followed by his teammate, Adib at P2 before he was overtaken by Farish. On the second lap, Farish found his opportunity to slide ahead of Danish. At P3, Amirun was trying to find ways to overtake but the two riders ahead of him were determined to maintain their positions. On the fourth lap, Danish closed the gap with the rider ahead and overtook Farish.

Throughout the race, Danish and Farish both pressured each other. With four more laps to go, Farish overtook Danish followed by Amirun at P2. At P4, Adib tried to compete with Danish. With two more laps to go, the competition became fiery between Farish and Amirun. The duo also drew up space with the troop of riders behind them.

At the last lap, Amirun superseded Farish and began increasing speed. Danish who was at P3 tried to take over Farish’s position but the duo ahead fiercely embraced their positions before Amirun sped to victory at 10’43:983s.

Commenting on the race, Amirun said, “I am truly happy with my achievements in this race. My machine was in a very good condition and I was able to utilise the strategies as discussed with the team. The race was definitely very challenging but I am grateful that I was able to take the win today.”

Md Farish Iqmal Khayrul Elyas of Bad Lab Bonda KC Racing completed the race at the second spot at 10’44:167s.

At the third spot was Ahmad Iqram Danish Ahmas Ghazali of Yamaha Estremo 27 Racing, clocking in at 10’44:276s.

Top 5 Riders
Round 5, PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship


1. Azroy Hakeem Anuar, HONDA YUZY ESTREMO TEAM, 16:23.204

2. Ahmad Afif Amran, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – CKJ RACING, 16:23.500


4. Nazirul Izzat Md Bahauddin, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR, 16:32.784

5. Md Haziq Md Fairues, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR,16:32.992


1. Md Khairi Asyraf Mahmood, JETRON YAMAHA YYPANG RACING TEAM, 13:00.253

2. Md Shafiq Ezzariq Saiful Nizam, JETRON YAMAHA YYPANG RACING TEAM, 13:00.652

3. Md Adam Haikal Jahar, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 13:06.180

4. Md Aliff Danial Md Asri, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA MAJU MOTOR, 13:06.291

5. Md Aiman Tahiruddin, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – CKJ RACING, 13:06.698

Wira KBS

1. Amirun Haziq Johan, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 10:43.983

2. Md Farish Iqmal Khayrul Elyas, BAD LAB HONDA KC RACING, 10:44.167

3. Ahmad Iqram Danish Ahmad Ghazali, YAMAHA ESTREMO 27 RACING, 10:44.276

4. Adib Hareez Hazwat, BAD LAB HONDA KC RACING, 10:45.776

5. Md Al Syakir Zufayri Md Al Amirul Zaki, PETRONAS SPRINTA YAMAHA – 31 RACING, 10:45.949

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