Meralco Manila FC have called it a day as a professional club after being established more than ten years ago.

The club which was formed back in 2006 from a close amalgamation of university and high school students as well as employees just could not continue with their finance.

“Circumstances beyond our control have made it difficult for FC Meralco Manila to continue. The board and management of the Sparks have tried to arrange for new investors that would keep the organization running, but those efforts have sadly fallen short,” read the statement from Meralco Manila.

“The management of the team is currently in the process of searching for new teams for our players. These amazing athletes and people deserve to continue plying their trade, and we will do all in our power to find them new clubs.”

In 2011, Meralco took over the club that was originally founded as the Loyola Agila FC, changing its name to Loyola Meralco Sparks FC.


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