Please be informed that the MHC was extended an invitation, along with Belarus, Chile and France to participate in the ongoing Belgium Women’s World League Semifinals, following the last minute withdrawal of Azerbaijan.

The invitation was received on the morning of Friday (19/6/2015). The tournament was due to start on Saturday(20/6/2015), with the first match scheduled to begin at 2 PM Belgium time. We were required to provide our confirmation to participate by 8 AM Belgium time (2PM, Friday).

Upon receiving the blanket invitation, the MHC, in consultation with its President, decided that it would be logistically impossible to send a team to said tournament. The flight alone would take us 16 hours in totality, if we were to include airport transfer and check in time. There is also the question of acquiring accommodation, arranging for meals, assembling the team, equipment and establishing the officials that were to accompany the team to Belgium.

The cost to send the team alone will amount to RM 300,000, a figure that would be extremely difficult to raise in a matter of hours.

The President has also made a stand that qualification must be done on merit, and our participation must include sufficient preparation. We are also not the next highest ranked team, as the offer would have gone to Belarus should they choose to accept the invite. As such, our involvement in said tournament would not have been possible, both logistically and principally.

We have explained to Dato’ Ahmad Shapawi, the Director General of NSC, on said matter and he is in agreement with our decision. He has mounted his full support and considers this matter closed. The NSC is also of the agreement that the team should qualify on merit. Our working relationship with NSC has always been good and despite this matter, we believe it will continue to remain healthy.

In summary, while we appreciate the invitation, albeit at the very last minute, we wish to clarify that MHC after considering all avenues, have concluded that sending the team to Belgium will not be possible.

Our focus now remains in supporting the Men’s National team, who are participating in the ongoing World League Semifinals, to win a place in the 2016 Rio Olympics. As such, we appreciate your understanding and value your continued support.

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