Persebaya Surabaya are focussing on conditioning as the team heads into the holiday period over the next four days.

Persebaya Surabaya head coach Aji Santoso said that the focus on conditioning is important as the physical training materials provided by the physical trainers will ensure that the players’ conditions are not affected during the holidays.

“The team’s focus for the upcoming 2021/2022 Liga 1 season is on ball control. (The last) training was a little bit of conditioning with a physical coach. Then, we moved to the game within the penalty box, “said Aji.

Aji said that the players are currently in fairly good condition even though some of the players had to miss training due to injuries.

“All of the players are doing well, only a few are still out – like Koko (Koko Ari Araya) and Bruno (Bruno Moreira) who still can’t train,” he explained.


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