The FA of Indonesia (PSSI) Exco meeting in the middle of this month will decide the fate of 2020 Indonesia Liga 1 and Liga 2.

The 2020 Indonesia Liga 1 and Liga 2 were suspended in the first quarter of 2020 and in spite of several attempts for a restart, the continued struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major hindrance.

“At the last Exco meeting, it was decided that organizer PT LIB will restart the leagues in February 2021. But the current situation with COVID-19 will ultimately decide whether this will be allowed. It is not only football which is affected but also other sports as well,’ said PSSI acting General Secretary Yunus Nusi.

“It is for that reason, PSSI have decided to have an Exco meeting in mid-January 2021 to decide once and for all whether to restart Liga 1 and 2 or to stop the 2020 competition altogether.”

PSSI have formulated a strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) due to COVID-19 for teams to follow should the league restart.

But all would depend on whether the PSSI can get the green light from the Indonesian Police.

“It all boils down to the consent from the police as we need to get the permit from them for us to hold matches. If the police do not give approval then we cannot do anything as we have to follow the law,” added Yunus.

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