When the teams woke this morning it was still everything to play for. GAC Pindar’s Ian Williams needed to keep his head in the game in order to win the Ibiza event.

Richard Davies had to keep Italia Sailing Team and Riccardo Simoneschi two places behind his Swiss team Section 16 in order to secure the series title for the first M32 Series Mediterranean.

The game was set for maximum excitement with only a few points between the teams to change the outcome on this final day. Seven races were planned and anything could happen.

This is when the weather gods decided to meddle and the thundershowers that came over the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza forced the race management to postpone racing.

After a couple of hours of anxious wait in the race village the dark clouds lifted and the teams set out to go racing.   
With medium wind and a big swell rolling in the first race was started. Simoneschi, who really needed to up his performance, did everything he could to take points from Section 16’s overall lead by winning the first race. Davies finished in the back of the fleet and Miani was placed in the middle. Good start for the Italians.

Williams secured his win of the event with a safe third place. The race management were quick to get the start sequence going for the next race as new black thunder clouds were building on the horizon.

The race started but the black clouds moved fast over the sky sucking the wind away from the race area and mid-race it was clear that it wasn’t going to be safe to let the teams stay out. Race management called the race off and the final day in Ibiza only allowed for one race on the board.
Coming in to shore the teams were still delighted with the great event in Ibiza and after the price giving with dignitaries including the Mayor of Ibiza and the owners of the harbour it is clear this is a venue we will see on the M32 circuit again. Ian Williams and GAC Pindar lifted the winning prize for their win of the event in Ibiza.

Richard Davies and Section 16 won the M32 Series Meidterranean 2016 with just a single point over Riccardo Simoeschi and Italia Sailing Team. Team Neverland from Monaco with skipper Guido Miani secure the third podium place after a solid performance in Ibiza.
Riccardo Simoneschi comments on the first season with the M32 Catamaran in the Mediterranean: “First of all congratulations to Ian Williams and GAC Pindar for the win here in Ibiza but maybe more so to Richard Davies and his team who have sailed a great season. They show that consistency is key and they have become better and better every event. We will come back and beat them next year.”

He says with a big smile and continues, “Everyone on the series has had a great time sailing this exciting boat in all these great locations. We will soon have the new calendar out for next years M32 Series Mediterranean and I am sure that we will double the number of teams for next year.”

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